RIP Katie

Katie died of congestive heart failure this morning. She has been in failing health for a while and took a sudden turn for the worse.

Katie was in a Tulsa shelter when Mrs J spotted her picture and fell in love. She called dibs and set in motion a transfer to the local shelter. Here she is on her first day with us, in January of ’13. She was very shy and was afraid of me. She had been here for about a week when she dashed out a door I was holding open and we couldn’t catch her. She stayed close but would not come into the house, let alone allow someone to approach.

We set out food and water, and laid out bedding and blankets. And toys.

She was out there for months. Finally, in May she was corralled with the help of a neighbor. Mrs J kept a two handed grip on her as she carried her back home.

We were super careful after that. Mrs J kept her on a leash for a year afterwards but showered her with attention. She was Mrs J’s Pretty Girl.

Eventually, enough trust was built that she was allowed off the lead and

she became a regular member of the pack.

She was here to welcome the new boy, Gabe.

On the daily walks, Gabe is usually close, but never as close as Katie.

She’s just back from the groomer and is Feeling Pretty.

My hearing is pretty bad but the dogs let me know when Momma has come home. Her arrival is a sure fire way to bring Katie out from her corner safe spot.

Katie 2011 – 2021

11 thoughts on “RIP Katie

  1. So sorry to hear this. The first photo clearly shows the love Katie and Mrs. J shared. How wonderful that you all found each other and gave her the room and time to allow her to be her best self. Please give Mrs. J a hug for me.

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    • She was Mrs J’s dog. She would not go out the door if I was holding it unless she was rushing out to meet her Momma. If I came into her safe room she would leave. I wonder if she wasn’t abused by a man before she was surrendered to that Tulsa shelter.


  2. I am beyond sad about this. I’ve always loved Katie’s story…so afraid and sooo loved. I waited for every post detailing her “on the run” days and cheered when she finally came home. RIP good puppy, You’ll be missed.

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  3. I am so sorry for yours and Mrs. J.’s loss. What lovely pictures and words to tell Katie’s story.

    First, Bixby, then John Cole’s Rosie, and now Katie. 😢

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  4. I see fear and anxiety in the first photo transformed into well earned love and trust for Mrs. J. in the second. I am so sorry for her loss—and yours.

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