First Tomato: Park Wonder

And of course the first tomato sandwich, for breakfast. Tomato, lettuce, mayo on homemade bread. Perfect.

Not the best photos, but this was all pre-coffee this morning.

Been a weird growing season this year. I had the tomatoes started in mid-February -because why not have a growing nursery while growing ducklings?  And then had them in the ground by first week of May,  in walls of water.

So, expectations were there would be tomatoes by 4th of July, if not earlier. But the high heat days and very cold nights seemed to confuse them. We will have lots of tomatoes and with the cold frame, be able to harvest until mid-October. It’s just taking them a while to get big and ripen.

The first one is always the best.

Every year I try to find at least one new tomato variety to try. This year it was the Park Wonder. It is meaty, sweet and low acidity. Perfect for a sandwich or just eating as-is. Thinking that adding a few to the San Marzanos for sauce would be just the sweetness to balance the acidity.

Looking forward to many more. Fingers-crossed.

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