We are just coming off of a rainy spell, 5 or 6 inches in 2 days, the thunder and wind made for quite a stormy night. It took this limb from a walnut.

The wind also took down two of Mrs J’s sunflowers but she was able to prop them up with a couple of unused garden/hummingbird feeder hooks.

I have a couple of quarts of peppers fermenting in a half gallon jar rigged with an airlock. If you could watch it for a while you would see bubbles rise to the top. I wish that more of the peppers were red-ripe. This batch has jalapeno, cayenne, serrano, Thai, and a few ripe sweet peppers, plus a few yellow banana peppers. A week or two and I’ll call them done, depending on the bubbles to inform my timing.

I had enough cheesesteak leftovers to build a few cheesesteak sliders.

Homer is helping Gabe keep a watch for squirrels during a drizzle one afternoon.

I love these wide noodles. We haven’t had an Italian beef sammich yet but the noodles went really well with some of it. I had a little bit of mushroom gravy leftover from the pork chops last week. I hate to throw away food and I have an excellent collection of plastic containers to put little dabs of this and that.

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