I bought this tray for the outdoor grill for veggies and such. Turns out it’s just the perfect thing to char peppers on my stove top. I’ll be using them later day.

I thought this a nice picture of the stump where we have a camera rigged for picnicking bird shots. I’ve run into that arm more than once while mowing. The mower has a roll bar but it’s behind my head so I often forget that it’s there.

I’ve been getting a lot of miles out of these tilapia fillets. This one had plenty of jerk seasoning. Get a pan hot with a little oil and the seasoned fillets only take a couple of minutes per side. These are again garnished with the new batch of fermented peppers.

We love these smash burgers made on the two burner grill. They don’t sit in excess grease so they brown nicely. Plenty of room to toast a pair of buns, too.

I’ve always liked this photo of Bea. She is giving the side eye with both eyes at once.

Pork chop with fried potatoes. I left the potatoes in a hot pan for just a lot too long and turned a few of the cubes into charcoal. It did do wonders for the texture.