Welcome To The Family

Meet Patrick Sullivan Panther, esq

This is Sully. He’s a Bombay – I had to look it up:

The Bombay is a medium-size cat, well-balanced, friendly, alert, and outgoing; muscular and having a surprising weight for their size. Their body and tail is usually of medium length, their head rounded with medium-sized, wide-set ears, a moderate nose stop, which is visible, large rounded wide-set eyes

If an aloof, independent cat is what you’re searching for, this breed isn’t for you. The Bombay is an endearing breed: playful, loving, lighthearted, and agreeable to just about any suggestion from their family, particularly if that includes an invigorating game of fetch or a cuddle on the couch.

Due to their hybrid heritage, Bombays strike a pleasing balance between the moderate American Shorthair and the frisky, vocal Burmese. However, since the American Shorthair is less prominent today, Bombays tend to be more like the Burmese than like the American Shorthair.

They are very clever and people-oriented (thanks to the Burmese background), but won’t talk your ear off every second of the day (thanks to the American Shorthair). However, Bombays will get their thoughts across if they have something vital to impart, and you can count on them to stare you down with those hypnotizing copper eyes and repeat the message until you give them your full attention. They want quite a bit of attention, and they are clever in their attempts to gain your notice. When you sit down, don’t be surprised to see your Bombay sitting beside you moments later.

Bombays are very attached to their families and tend to love the entire family rather than bond with one person. Some say they are particularly good with well-behaved children. Known for their curiosity and high intelligence, Bombays love to follow their human companions all over the house. They love to keep an eye on every move and help with every chore. This doesn’t get the chores done faster, but it’s certainly entertaining.

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered and a perfect fit for our family.

He came across my social media a few days after we lost Gabe, from the same shelter where I retrieved Gabe.  I was immediately smitten. But worried it was much too soon.

However, he was all alone at a PetSmart adoption center a good hour from here (and oddly, not in the county where the shelter resides), so I had to give it some serious thought. I contemplated it for all of an afternoon. I really couldn’t stop thinking about him. The shelters are overrun with kittens right now and I worried a 4-year-old black cat would be overlooked – especially if he was the only cat in the big adoption area at the store.  And with the challenge of the current covid restrictions around adoptions right now.

Finally, I decided the best way to honor Gabe was to make sure another kitty didn’t have to spend another day in a cage.

So the next morning, I called to make sure he was still available and made the trek (on back country roads because the interstate is a mess of construction).  Much like Zander, it was love at first snuggle.  Because of Covid, animals have to stay in their locked cages, so the best we could do was bond through the bars, and Sully made the most of it. I paid and off we went … an hour of a cat in the back seat. That was fun. Not.

For either of us.

I talked with the shelter directly a couple of times after I got him settled,  to get more information.  An owner surrender, he’s very healthy and hates loud noises. The staff told me this twice. I kind of brushed it off, I mean most cats don’t like to be startled.

Oh, boy, was I wrong. Day three, after he’d decided he’d had enough of being isolated in the office, he began exploring the house, meeting the crew. That was until he knocked down the small metal gate I have in front of the patio screen so Zander doesn’t shred the screen when he wants to go outside.

It hit the floor with a clatter and a black streak went through the house. Sully went under my bed and that’s where he stayed for the next few days, though I lured him out and into the office where he felt comfortable enough to get lots of love. But then back under the bed.

No worries, I knew patience and letting him find his own way would solve the problem. After dark he’d eat and use the litter box, so no rush on his integration.

As you can see above, he’s now hanging out, making friends and generally adapting to his new home.

I’ll share more stories, although he’s such a velcro kitty, photos are a challenge, we may have to rely on video.

And yes…I do think Gabe sent him.


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