Blueberry Peach Crumble

We had peaches enough left from the Chef John recipe to go with another try at a cobbler. We opted for this one because it was what Google served us at the top of the returns.

I should say that it was at the top of the list because we wanted to add blueberries to the mix. We used frozen berries and they seemed to bleed into the peaches more than fresh berries would. Maybe.

We scraped the recipe from the page I linked to using the Paprika android app, that is what is showing on the phone in the first photo. Highly recommended! It does more than we really need – I think it will maintain a pantry list which is nice but I’m not going to try to enter everything because I have lots of stuff and I’m super lazy. It will also maintain a grocery list but I use the Google Keep app for that. (Hey Google, add peaches to the grocery list!)