Shishito Peppers

These are, supposedly, sweet peppers. One in ten may be hot, they said. Every pepper I’ve sampled is way too hot for me. I am leaning to the opinion that these may have been mislabeled.

3 thoughts on “Shishito Peppers

  1. The ones I have seen in the grocery and used in recipes are all green. Could it be that the longer on the plant, the hotter they become? Just guessing as I haven’t grown them myself. Plus the ones we see here are more elongated and narrower in shape, so mislabeled?

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    • They have become red ripe because I could not eat them green due to their heat. I had hoped to munch away on blistered green peppers but they became just another pretty pepper plant in my garden. I have habaneros that are not as hot as these. Some images of the true shishito I’ve found online might show a different leaf shape but they are ambiguous.


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