Adobo Cornish Hens

Kenji put this video out and it looked easy enough. I went to thaw a chicken and found a pair Cornish game hens I had forgotten.

I didn’t worry that I didn’t have the Filipino versions of the sugar, vinegar, and soy sauces. I used brown sugar, rice vinegar, Chinese black (Chinkiang) vinegar, sweet and light soy sauces, what fresh garlic I had on hand plus a good scoop of garlic paste. I spatchcocked the hens and cooked them for so long that they came apart with little effort in the pan.

Served over a bed of jasmine rice, the hens were delicious. I think next time I’ll use chicken thighs. The leg quarters were fine but the breasts did dry out just a little due to the long cooking time I went with. I should have removed the hen parts and reduced the sauce without them.