Homer, standing in front of our figs last month. They die back to the ground in the winter but they’ve been coming back in the spring, at least so far.

There are a few coming ripe now. They’re sweet and tasty and too many to deal with but they make a nice snack.

Fat Cat. Ollie is napping atop one of those cardboard scratching gizmos down in the basement. The purple glow is from Mrs J’s grow lights she has set up for African violets and various other things.

Pecorino Romano. They never have any of this at Kroger except the grated kind that’s in a blend. They always have wedges of Parmesan but it’s not the same. I bought a two pound block, divided it like so, vac-sealed and froze all but one. I’m thinking spaghetti carbonara for dinner sometime soon.

I have a decent crop of parsley and oregano in the patio garden so I made a nice chimichurri for a pair of steaks we had the other day.

We had a nice grilled ham and cheese for lunch. They’re easy and delicious. I think I’ll add an egg the next time.

Homer loves his dog buddy.