Patio Garden

Those shishito peppers that were so hot make great red pepper flakes.

I dried them in a very low oven and ground them in batches with the small Magic Bullet brand blender. If I had a set of size sorting sieves I could use them to good effect.

I’m sure that the color will fade in time but right now they are pretty bright. I sprinkled a few on that soup I just posted.

The holy basil is still looking good, not so the Italian sweet basil. I will spare you a photo.

I should dump the tomato but it is admirable in not giving up. It’s still with blossoms and wee green fruits. I won’t do anything with the habaneros. I have more hab flakes that I will use, probably ever.

I had high hopes for a Thai pepper plant when it was small. I had envisioned Thai peppers to be longer than they are wide. These pea sized things were so fiddly it’s a sign of my OCD that I actually picked and cleaned them all. I suppose you can call these Thai peppers if they were ever associated with Thailand however tenuous that connection may be. I still have parsley, oregano, and chives – the thyme I’ve cut, dried, and cleaned. Plenty for lots of pizzas.

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