Chicken Veggies with Pan Biscuits

We get a lot of miles out of a whole baked chicken. This is the last of the meat, in a gravy made with the fat and juices saved from the initial cook. I pour all of that into a dish that I put into the fridge. The fat is easily separated from the rest after it chills. Use that to make a roux and stir in the juices for the gravy, adding more broth or milk as you please.

I steamed the veggies separate from the chicken and gravy and then stirred them all together in the sauce pan. This was two fresh carrots and some frozen broccoli and cauliflower.

Any of these recipes should work well for you. I’ve been using this one – it calls for less butter than most of the others I skimmed but that’s not why I use it. It’s just because it was near the top of the search results.