Fish Fry

I thawed some cod fillets and went looking for a batter that uses Mountain Dew instead of beer. I was not surprised to find several. I went with the one at the top of my returns page. I try to keep diet Dew on hand and I buy it in the big bottles when I can find it. The recipes usually make more batter than I need – a half recipe will usually work and I didn’t want to open a can of beer and only use half. It turned out that my batter was thicker than I wanted it to be so I sloshed in a bit more Dew.

Even so I had more batter than I needed for just the fish so I hastily sliced a sweet onion to make the rings. As per my practice, the recipes I follow when making something are treated as suggestions and fiddly amounts are by eye.

The dinner turned out great! Two thumbs up for the recipeđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

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