Mrs J requested tacos, I complied with these. They would make a credible breakfast taco, having scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, smoked pork with cotija and a decent pico salsa.

I rounded out my plate with a nice corn salad, guac, refries, and a pretty good taqueria style sauce from Kroger.

Occasionally Kroger has tilapia filets that are much better than their frozen fish. At least these filets don’t lose half their weight in water like the frozen offerings. I suspect the tilapia are never frozen but I don’t know for sure. This one was dipped in egg and then dredged in Andy’s bread crumbs, fried in shallow oil, and topped with fermented peppers.

More tacos! These are bacon and ham based. Bacon makes tacos taste better.

These were finished with more of the pico de gallo, a smear of beans, chopped onions, jalapeno, cotija, and Cholula hot sauce.

Currently in the most favored kitty spot is Miss Bea. Toby is not jealous, he’s taking the high ground. Miss Bea is being treated for an overactive thyroid with an ointment that is applied to her ears and has helped quite a lot. She had been losing weight, pulling her hair out, and was tearing about like a new kitty.