The titmouse warns off the nuthatch, claiming the trove for itself. Pretty sure the nuthatch will pay no heed.

Chorizo chili hit the spot one one of those cold days last week. I often see chili made with corn so I gave it a shot with the leftover Mexicorn I made to go with the tacos the other day. It adds a spot of color that complements the cheddar.

This is honey chicken from the frozen food aisle at Kroger. It makes for a fast and easy meal when you are tired. I’ve added fried chilies to mine because I really love that stuff. It’s over basmati rice.

This camera is useful in documenting the changing seasons..

..and the night visits from bucks looking for does.

I made extra rice when we had the honey chicken to be sure we had plenty for fried rice. This one has broccoli, carrots, ham, eggs, onions, and peas. It’s flavored with sweet soy and oyster sauces, and I used plenty of the fried chili with crispy garlic.

I have no idea what the boy is hoping to find atop the stump but I’m pretty sure it isn’t sunflower seed. Mrs J says he helps her wrangle kittehs but I am not sure of his utility in that role.

This is a snap I took years ago during an open house at the shelter Mrs J is associated with. I looked it up after reading a tweet about some chihuahuas running amok. I’m sure these to are perfect angels.