3 thoughts on “One More Sleep

  1. Just want to say, though it makes no difference, that this is the puppy I picked right way from the litter phot …. So I my dream comes true! in the internet silly way. Very happy I will continue to ‘know her’, through you. A month ago we got a 5 mo puppy–each of us has always had grown-ups before. It’s been intense for us, in laughs and happiness and also in interruptions and demands on focus. The happiness (the priority reason to get the puppy so soon) greatly outweighs the annoyances

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    • Bixby was my first puppy ever, after decades of rescues – OMG, I was not prepared. LOL. This little girl is going to be so welcome to help heal the house after a summer/fall of sadness. I suspect the chaos will be a joy as well….well…chaos.


      • Yes she (Liba, for beloved) has been extremely healing! Real smiles again. Joy to see her run, jump, bounce, learn. (And discovering just how many scraps of paper, ribbon, gizmos, socks have lain around unnoticed til she located them.) Happy for you and for lucky Trixie B.


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