Taco Thursday

I wouldn’t mention the beans, usually, but these were an accidental discovery for us. I grabbed a couple of cans on a whim last time we went grocery shopping. I didn’t read past ‘pinto beans’ on the label until I opened them today. They’ve been cooked down in a nice sauce already and they smash easily to make refries. Yes, I added stuff to them as they warmed on the stove, freshly ground cumin, garlic and onion powders, and a bit of stock to help loosen them a bit. I think I’ll try their other stuff if I can remember.

The tacos are ground beef with a ton of taco seasoning, a smear of the beans, crumbled cotija, and several dashes of hot sauce. The tortillas were toasted atop the gas burner (h/t to someone who mentioned it, I forget). They are not as good as those fried in oil for a bit but they are easier to deal with.