French toast with a sausage patty make for a nice breakfast-for-dinner.

Easy dinner with air fried shrimp and crinkle fries. The beans took the most prep – chopping onions and peppers, sautéing them, assembling the sauces and sugar, mixing everything in the pan:

Not that it’s hard, just relatively more to it than arranging frozen things from a bag in the basket of the toaster oven.

I hope that she didn’t get into any raccoon poop.

Turkey salad sliders, and another look at those nice beans. The slaw is pretty good, too. That’s all hand chopped, the dressing is out of a bottle though.

Pizza! The pickled peppers were the standout toppings, which also included chopped pepperoni and salami. There is a layer of sliced provolone atop the base crust smeared with garlicy tomato sauce, then the meats and peppers, a few spoons of muffuletta salad, and then a thin sprinkle of shredded cheeses. The grated pecorino was added while the pie was cooling.

Bitsy approves of my new slim line keyboard. That thing is heavier than it looks. It’s hard to grasp without hitting any of the keys but I’m getting the hang of it. More than once I’ve inadvertently logged out of Windows. I have no idea what combination of keys does that, I have yet to figure that one out.