An Overnight Success

I put the beef on to cook on low overnight and it worked well, as I fully expected. It shut itself off, I’m guessing after 12 hours because that’s a nice round number. (I googled for a pdf of the manual and it’s 14 hours.) I found some red wine in a box so I added that, plus a couple of onions, a jar of pepperoncini, a head of garlic–peeled and smashed, garlic paste, beef concentrate, salt & pepper, granulated garlic and onion powder. I usually add dried basil and oregano but I’m just now realizing that I forgot them. I’m wondering when it can be called Italian beef. Is it when all the parts and pieces are together in the pot? Does it happen at some time during the cook? I think it might be a version of Schrödinger’s Cat – it’s not until you lift the lid and look.