Late for the peanuts, again.

Is this the last of the turkey salad? The last of the most recent batch, yes. The onion naan – a heartier version of a tortilla – was good in this role.

I made some noodles to use up the last of some leftover broth and now I have leftover noodles.

The jay bird looks like he’s modeling for a hood ornament.

The deer is modeling for a ‘caption this’ meme poster.

I’m just in time!

Mrs J was out early one day last week and scared several deer away.

These are more of the tilapia fillets we are so fond of. I mixed some jerk seasoning with the Cajun bread crumbs and fried them in a 1/4″ of canola oil. I’m starting to see the bottom of the first jar of hot peppers I fermented a while back. I have more out in the garage fridge. If we get a run of cold temps I need to remember to bring in the stuff from the freezer section lest it thaw out.