Christmas Dinner

Sorta Sticky Chicken on yellow rice. I put frozen peas in the rice cooker after the rice was done so they’d thaw. I am still slightly tickled that the directions in the recipe say to brown the chicken pieces in the pan, but not too hot or the sugars will burn. The fine line between browning the chicken and burning the sugars in the marinade coating the chicken was crossed in the making of this dish. The burnt sugars did lend some nice color, not to mention flavor. We give this two thumbs up. I’m thinking this would be a killer sous vide recipe, with a short stint under a broiler just before service to give it that nice crust. Now that I’m thinking about it, I gave myself a nice induction counter top burner that might be the better thing for it. I put it away and I never remember I have it. I should rearrange the small appliance drawers and keep it in there.