Fried Chicken Tenders

I bought a tray of these chicken breast tenderloins, thinking to pound them flat, dredge them in breading, and fry them as sammich fixings but I watched Kenji do a half hour on fried chicken and these were the result.

I did the buttermilk brine and shook them up in a container of heavily seasoned flour to coat but it was all on a condensed schedule. Maybe an hour and a half from start to table, most of that time was soaking in a zip lock baggie with the buttermilk. I will note that Kenji cautioned against handling the coated chicken with tongs so I handled them mostly with a fish spatula and managed to keep most of the flour on long enough to brown in the hot oil. He double fried his bone-in chicken. I might have followed suit but it was time to eat so I demurred. They were juicy and delicious.