InstaPot Soup

It’s the ever popular beef and barley soup for a cold winter’s day. I was running a bit late so I opted for the instapot over the stove top method. First, I set the bread machine for quick bread so we could have some with the soup.

It was the bread recipe that came with the machine and works every time that I follow it and don’t forget the yeast. Well the yeast or that time one of the mixing paddles got lost.

I browned a couple of strip steaks for this, used a box of beef broth – fortified with garlic paste and broth concentrate, browned two sweet onions in the pan where the steaks seared, deglazed that pan with some of the broth, added garlic and onion powders, some oregano and thyme, added a third to a half cup of barley, and let it cook for 50 minutes on manual. It came out well. I don’t know if it needed all the 50 minutes but it didn’t hurt it and that timed it well to finish with the bread. A good time was had by all.