Picnicking Birds

I’m disappointed with this new camera. It won’t work well for my picnicking birds so I am going to move it to another location. It won’t focus when it is close enough to the feeder for good pics. Move it farther away and the photos pixelate too much when cropped. I bought another camera to try, I’ll have an idea how well it suits in a few days when we do the Sunday SD card roundup.

5 thoughts on “Picnicking Birds

      • Those reddish ones are finches? Wow, they look big and their beaks looked different. Will you return this camera or use it for something else? I haven’t used my regular camera in over a year probably. I just use my phone now. It is so much easier and the pictures come out good. It isn’t the same though, especially when you can zoom in on something that you can’t get near, like the birds.

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        • The finches with reddish colors are the house finches, those with yellow are the goldfinches.
          I will put it somewhere that I expect to see random critters. These camera we are talking about are known as trail cameras and are not all that expensive. They can be set to take still or video or both. Deer hunters use them to remotely stake out deer paths and such like. They are typically set to take a picture/video when tripped by movement.

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