Picnicking Birds

We’ve had this camera up for a while, and it is an improvement on the last one but not by much. I swapped it with a camera from another location that I hope is going to do a bit better. They no longer make the cameras that we have had the best luck with, although we haven’t tried the newer ones because they lowered the resolution from 24MP to 18. The newest cameras boast 30MP but that isn’t the whole of the story. My older 24MP cameras are so old that the tiny little motherboard batteries of those I have checked are dead. Those are the batteries that keep track of the date & time so that when we change the AAs out they reset to: e.g. 12AM 1/1/18. I took one apart hoping to swap in a new battery only to find that they have epoxied the original onto the board and I tore it up trying. Aggravating. My rice cooker has the same problem. When I plug it in to cook a batch it blinks 7:00.