I wasn’t going to drown this sammich in bbq sauce but gravity had the final say.

The tacos had some of the same smoked pork fillings as did the drowned sammich, plus more stuff. I toasted the tortillas on the burner-top to save a little time and mess but I wish I had fried them instead. Fried flour tortillas look and taste better.

I buy guacamole in those small plastic tubs or else in those even smaller plastic tubs like the one that glob came out of. Not even close to homemade but I don’t have an avocado tree.

We’ve never seen a squirrel with a peanut in its mouth so I won’t caption this “disappointed squirrel leaves sans peanut”.

For the longest time in my youth I couldn’t make sense of the expression about having your cake and eating it, too. In my mind having = eating. How can I have a piece of cake if I am not eating it? It turns out that the answer to that involves having plenty of cake, eating of it what I will, and still having cake leftover. That old expression wasn’t a paradox at all. It was an admonition to bake another cake before you run out.

I see these photos with smears of food on the plate rims and I think I should go back and wipe that off so it’ll be prettier.

Curly Dog

Ollie, our youngest kitty, and Toby, our oldest kitty.