Picnicking Birds

I’ve finally found a camera that I like. It’s a Browning Strike Force PRO XD 24MP. This model is not currently being manufactured, alas. This camera’s default time and date is 12:00AM, 1/1/2020 so I think it is 2 years old. I have some I bought earlier that default to 2018. The problem with them is that the small battery they have glued to the motherboard is tiny and very difficult to replace. The battery’s job is to remember the date and time. When it dies the camera resets to the default every time you change the batteries.

It has enough resolution that I can crop the image a good ways before the image substantially degrades. Even better, the focus range is deep enough to get a decently focused image with the camera set close to the feeders.

I have this one set to take no more than one picture every 10 minutes and we will still get 400-500 pictures in the week that goes by between our Sunday viewing sessions. Mrs J says they really work these feeders hard. I have one more tweak to make on the camera mount – I need to glue a bubble level onto the top so it can be tilted square with the world. Or at least square with the plumb bob feeders. These images were all corrected for the mis-alignment in post processing.