Time Flies

Not sure how I’m feeling about the 5-month milestone. She’s such a sweetie and growing so fast. I’m a little wistful on how quickly it has flown by.

Walking today, in her harness, I could not get over how big she was and how much she now looks like the Great Dane she’s going to be.  Sunday I walked both dogs at the same time and she did great. Scout was a little crazed, but we hadn’t had a walk in almost a week due to ice and snow.

I’ll do that once a week to get them used to it, but I have really been enjoying my alone time with each pup on our walks. And two walks for me is never a bad thing…I mean more cookies, right?

We have now reached the “can’t see the Panda” when she sits on him. I don’t know what she weighs, I’m guessing about 60 lbs – I’ll try to get to the vet and weigh this week.



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