Ham and eggs with toast is a breakfast favorite. Pr0n!

I think the finches are starting to show more color. Spring can’t be far away.

I tried out a new recipe. Chicken thighs are marinated in coconut milk, lime juice, and fish sauce and then cooked atop cabbage wedges in a 400℉ until the chicken is done. Mine took over an hour. I kept checking the internal temps until they reached 175℉.

I was supposed to keep back some of the marinade for gravy but I forgot, so I simmered the marinade the chicken soaked in to reduce and kill any chicken germs. I think that this made a very good gravy for the coconut rice. It was thickened with corn starch. The steamed asparagus was a ‘because I had some’ addition.

I’m really happy with the new camera we put on these feeders.

The last of the big batch of double delight shrimp and chicken. I still have half a bunch of bok choy we need to use up.

Bitsy and I have settled in to watch the season finale of Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix. Miss Bea will be napping in her customary spot on the back of the couch.