Alton Brown’s Swiss Steak

I dusted off this recipe and was giving it a quick read to refamiliarize myself when I noted the reference to “a needling device”. I didn’t remember seeing it in the directions. It reminded me that I had such a device in a drawer. I’ve used a mallet when making this recipe before. I needled the sliced beef to a fare thee well.

The result was beef so tender it sliced with a fork. This is a good recipe, although it seems to be timid with respect to the garlic. Two cloves? LOL! Use more than that, and fortify those with that nice garlic paste that sells under the “Better Than Bouillon” label. Oh, and use more tomatoes, a smallish 14.5 oz can isn’t enough, use a 28 oz can because the gravy it makes is sooo good. I like the Red Gold brand crushed tomatoes for this.