Scout and Trixie Take A Road Trip

May be an image of nature

Trixie took her first road trip this weekend.  I was concerned she would be anxious, but she mostly slept and loved the walks along the rivers every two hours.

May be an image of dog and outdoors

Look at these two, off-leash at dad’s, running around and coming when called. I did worry Scout would try to visit the horse, but she stayed put. They were both so good on their travels this weekend.

Trixie LOVED my brother’s lake property…running the “dunes’ like a crazy pup. I’m sure now that she’s home she’s wondering why we don’t have cool things like sand dunes and horses. LOL

May be an image of dog and outdoors

Here is Scout enjoying lake life this past summer.

I cooked minestrone and meatball subs for my dad to have this week. I’ll post recipes later this week.

Until then…

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