We rarely eat asparagus so we try to make up for it when we do. This was from a curbside order that was picked for us. It’s a take what we give you situation. I suspect the pickers are pushed to get the orders out fast and may go for the first to hand rather than spending extra time choosing the best from what is available. One of the drawbacks in this kind of shopping.

Late afternoon and a few cardinals look over the offerings while a possum wanders by.

A downy and a hairy in a very good photo for a size comparison.

Possums and raccoons are mainly nocturnal but they are occasionally seen during the day.

Sammich Pr0n – Italian Beef

This is one of those frozen heat and eat entrees. It’s a bad example of General Tso’s chicken. The chicken was tough and chewy although the sauce was quite good. There was a too wide variation in nugget size. The brand was InnovAsian, from Walmart.

White kitty? No. Haven’t seen one.