What Are We Growing?

This morning she’s helping me water the tomato and pepper plants.

I started my seedlings very early this year because I have a little greenhouse to move them to, once we stop having overnight temps in the low teens. Which should have ended in March, but nope, we’re breaking record low records the past week. My kitchen is now a jungle, but I’m not complaining, I just keep imagining the great tomatoes and peppers this summer.

I have seedlings planted over three plantings, so by the time we can plant in-ground, the last seeds will be ready to transplant.

This year so far: San Marzano, Park Whopper, Better Boy, Whopper Green Peppers, Whopper Jalapenos (those could scare me). They will be joined by Whopper Cucumbers and some zucchini and I’m also thinking maybe corn this year, since I’ll have some extra space.

I’m trying out planting bags this year for the tomatoes, we’ll see how that goes.


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