I did this in a low oven over several hours yesterday. It has all the usual powdered seasonings plus a bottle of dark ale. I didn’t think to add the onion and jalapeno until it was pretty far along so don’t accuse me of following recipes! [He’s getting senile – Eds.]

It cooked with a tin foil cover until the internal temps reached over 200℉. I shredded it with a fork, gave it an additional chop chop with a cleaver, and added the liquids from the pan after reducing them by half or more.

I turned the brisket into a really nice burrito. It had refried beans and cheddar with the beef.

Bean Soup

Ginger Boy, hunting chipmunks in the gulley behind the spot where feeders usually are hanging.

Speaking of refried beans… the difference between refries and soup is just cooking time.

These are the refries I used in the burrito seen in the photo above. They started out as dried pintos but they spent a half hour cooking in my instapot. I was thinking soup when they started, there was plenty of broth in there with them so they were plenty wet coming out. The brisket was in the oven and when I was in the middle of shredding it I started thinking burritos and the refries kind of flowed from that.

Ollie is fond of the gulley, too. I think he and Ginger could benefit from hunting as a team, like a pride of lions, but they are determinately individualistic.

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