A Whole Roasted Chicken Goes A Long Way

We eat half of one between us at the first go. This one was spatchcocked so this breast and a leg quarter came apart easily. Mrs J usually gets the dark meat. I deboned the remainder, roasted the bones again and made broth of them. The fat and juices from the pan went into a small bowl and were refrigerated to make it easy to separate them.

For lunch the next day we had noodle soup with some of the meat and the broth.

The remaining breast meat went into this pot pie. I made a roux of the fat and some flour, whisked in the juices and some buttermilk and simmered it with frozen veggies while the butter pan biscuit baked. That left some dark meat.

I stretched the handful of shredded thigh and leg meat out with some hard boiled eggs, sweet pickle relish, chopped celery, onion, and peppers to make a decent chicken salad sammich for each of us.

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