Fountain Cam

I’m fairly sure I knew what this bird was last year but calling it a female summer tanager is a just a guess for me this year. Calling CapnMubbers!

I’ve changed out the camera that we had here so here’s hoping it doesn’t begin capturing hazy photos. The previous mount was attached to a length of plastic pipe, I’ve changed the pipe out in favor of a wooden rake handle that should be more rigid.

2 thoughts on “Fountain Cam

  1. You rang?

    Yes! Female summer tanager in breeding plumage. Her light colored beak shows against the darker fountain bottom several times at the beginning of the video—if you’re an obsessive repeat and pause viewer (who, me?).

    I must have heard your call—only today did I think to search for What’s for Dinner Solutions instead of relying on the Balloon Juice blogroll! Now to catch up on the last 10 days….

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