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First tomato sighting!

I’m giving myself another chance to grow Shishito peppers that aren’t hot as hell. Last year everyone of them was fiery. I dried and ground them for flake. A few will do!

I want to be sure I have plenty of serranos {on the left} for my fermented pepper habit. I can quit any time, I just don’t want to! Poblanos are in the pot on the right, and center spot goes to habaneros. I’d say it’s a fair chance the the habs cross bred with the Shishitos last year, that’s OK, – I like hot peppers.

We ordered a variety pack of basil seeds and Mrs J started a bunch for me. I’m sure there are three varieties growing in these fabric pots, if not four. There are at least three more pots of basil elsewhere on the patio. We like the fabric pots, these two are in their second year, showing no sign of rot so far.

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