Killing My Lawn: Summer 2

This is the first full summer for all the perennials I planted last spring and things are looking good. Loving how low maintenance it has been once everything was planted.

Soooo many bees. And the butterflies are starting to show up.  That center window is my office and I enjoy looking out, but even more fun is watching folks stop and oooo and aaaahhh at the flowers.

I have plantings that flower at various times, starting in April and going through fall. I want to add a bunch of marigolds for some heavy fall color.  (Killing My Lawn posts can be read here)

Veggie garden is doing well, except I’ve got a varmint eating my zucchini blossoms and something ate one of my young cuke plants. I’m thinking mice – as the cukes have a small gage cage around them and nothing bothers them once they get taller. I’m going to cover them at night for a while and see if that helps. Cayenne pepper has stopped the blossom stealing.

Instant pot potato salad recipe later tonight…until then…