Meatball Soup

We bought a big bag of frozen meatballs the last trip we made to the store and I took a notion to make a soup of them. I thought I had made one before, and sure enough there was one from way back in 2011.

I did a Google search for meatball soups to see what recipes they had on offer after ten years and was tickled when I saw the thumbnail photo for the Allrecipes entry was one of the photos I took for my post then:

I may have uploaded the picture myself because I am registered with the site. They may have scraped it from Flickr because all of my pictures there have a Creative Commons copyright. These days I don’t send anything to Flickr. They changed hands and are no longer a free service past a certain number of uploads. Can’t blame them for wanting to make money; Twitter is still free and these days that’s where I send most of the photos I want to share.


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