Trixie at 9 Months

Our trusty panda is no match for nearly full-grown Trixie. I cannot stress how difficult it is to get a photo of her these days. Even with the bribe of cheddar cheese, she’s in constant motion. And the moment I get the camera, her ears are back, so you miss the big floppy beauties that give her a little bit of a Bassett vibe.

Scout wonders what all the drama is about. She’s a chill four years old and while she’ll match Trixie zoomie for zoomie outside, inside she’s less likely to be enticed off the couch.

They are best of friends, though Scout would prefer Trixie did not hog all the attention. She is still a puppy through and through and that means all the love should go to her. We are working on it.

She is also in a major digging phase, which I have managed to redirect out of the grass and into some dirt areas. The backyard does look a bit like we’ve been strafed by enemy fire and because ducks love to create mud…well, that can lead to the photo above.

Trixie decided as I was rushing to get ready to go see a client yesterday, that she would get into some trouble and one look at the ducks and I realized they participated in the fun, as well.

The best part? While watering the tomatoes earlier in the morning, my hose burst (it came with the house, so who knows how old it is) and I had no way to hose her off. Luckily I have a large supply of “dog towels” for just such an occasion.

She’s a sweet, sweet pup and we are lucky to have her. She’s all love, ears and feet.

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