The squirrels are getting bolder. We saw more this past week while reviewing the camera data than I can remember seeing before. I have picture, somewhere, from way back when. I think had 11 squirrels around that automatic spinner feeder I had out for a few years. That was the feeder that the raccoons finally defeated.

I linked to this steak dinner before but I thought it deserves better. The fries have a drizzle of the pan sauce, it’s heavy on the garlic. The chimichurri on the steak found its way onto a few of those fries before the meal was finished. There is a ton of garlic in with the parsley, too.

I mentioned wiping down the plate with a crust of bread to get all of the yolk in the BELT post but didn’t show you this yolk pic then. Pics or it didn’t happen!

I cooked this Cajun spice encrusted tilapia in just a little oil. It has my famous fermented hot peppers on top. We’ve had several servings of mac and cheese off of the last batch I made. I used plenty of milk in my cheese sauce, it was pretty loose and didn’t tighten up much in the fridge. If I remember correctly the white sauce was 2 cups of milk, 4 Tbs flour, 4 of butter, and 2 tsp of the citrate. Not sure how much cheese was added but 1/2 lb is ballpark. I think there were 2 handfuls of the mac.

Picnicking Birds

I thawed a pound of pork sausage I’ve had for ages. I thought it needed more garlic and pepper so 8 minced cloves went in, and several grinds of black pepper plus another sprinkle of sage. I used about half for the gravy and made patties from the rest. The biscuits are from frozen, cooked in my air fryer. Just a solid breakfast for dinner.

The bunnies are plentiful this year.