We don’t know what these birds are.

This may be the same bird but it seems to have more of a pattern is its feathers than the first two. It may be a trick of the light. Best guess at the moment is female cowbird.

Breakfast for lunch

Fish filets fried in shallow oil. These were floured, then dipped in egg and then breaded with a corn meal mixed with bread crumbs. I’m about ready to start some peppers fermenting. I have plenty of peppers this year.

Random Raccoons

Soup and sammy. I made chicken noodle soup a couple of time last week, this bowl has both of them with a small Italian beef.

This is the second batch of noodle soup, made using Mrs Miller’s fine egg noodles. I turned the leftover fish filets into fish sliders with homemade tartar sauce on dinner rolls.


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