Spiced Lamb

I bought a block of ground lamb at Kroger a good while ago and promptly tossed it into the freezer. My store rarely has lamb so I thought I’d better grab some while I could. I thawed it out and cruised the internets to get some seasoning ideas and came across this post that looked good and gave me the idea for my own presentation. I love tzatziki sauce so I made that and thought the plate a good place for those roasted peppers. I sliced the absolute last of the ripe tomatoes. I still have some green ones that may yet turn red but I am not counting on it. The lamb was mixed with hamburger and I used the spices in the first link to make the lamb ‘logs’ that I seared in olive oil. I broke bite sized pieces from those and dredged the naan wedges through the yogurt sauce, added tomato , onion, and peppers to make mini gyros.