A Little Fall Color Vaca

I’m off on a much needed vacation/writing research trip.  Duxbridge Mysteries: Recipe for Murder is at the editor for a second edit, after some major rewrites. Oh, how spoiled am I that this was unusual? But understandable. It’s been a weird year, and I’m surprised anything I wrote was coherent.  It now looks like a solid cozy mystery/romance, and I’m excited to get it to the publisher.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the best way to add all the recipes into the novel. We may be moving those recipes to a dedicated “Dispatches from Duxbridge” website. It’s up to what my writing partner wants to do.

I’m off to the “real” Duxbridge to walk the beach, visit friends and family, and do some research on the next in the series.  There will also be some leaf-peeping.

As soon as my editor gives me the okay, I’ll post the first four chapters to tide you over until publication.

When I get back, I’ll catch you up on everything that’s been going on and why so few entries (thank goodness for JeffreyW who keeps the blog going with his wonderful photos and videos).  I owe this blog a nice, long post. Including updates on the many critters (as you can imagine, they keep me super busy).

Until then…