The Perfect Gift

A Christmas gift.
There’s a story.

Early this summer, my client and I met to discuss how to approach the remainder of the year. He owns three restaurants. Once we finished business, he asked me about my latest book. Wanted to know who gets killed off in this one (to be fair, there’s not always a death in my books…)

I explain the plot is about a cookbook author who is implicated in the murder of a local restaurant owner.

My client: 👀
Me: 👀
My client: Is there something you want to tell me?
Me: Honestly, it’s a celebrity chef/restaurant owner. Totally obnoxious. No one likes him.
My client: uh-huh
So imagine my delight when I opened my gift from him today. I laughed all the way home.


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift

  1. LOLOLOL. The SF/F community calls it “Tuckerizing” – inserting a RL person, well their name anyway – into a book or story. Named after Wilson (Bob) Tucker who did that a long time ago and everyone wanted to be Tuckerized. It’s usually very complimentary. You probably knew that, but thx for the laugh.

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    • LOL, I did not know that! And while I will admit I have exorcised some demons with my character choices, this time it was totally unintentional. We had a good laugh about it, though.


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