Rib Roast and Sides

Kroger had rib roasts at a price that wasn’t too bad. We left it in a waterbath overnight at 125℉, coated it with herbed butter and set it in a 500℉ for about 20 minutes or so to sear it off. That worked pretty well. I wish I had trimmed it some before plating to pretty it up for the camera. Would have made more room for the sides, too.

With the roast are roasted sprouts and broccoli, cinnamon honey sweet potatoes, mashed russets with gravy, and dressing made with ground beef – a first for me. I just made a little dressing and used the hamburger because I had a little left over from a smash burger meal. The beefy dressing did go well with the roast. The little cup beside the dinner rolls has a horseradish dip.