Sticky Pork Belly

I tried to replicate my recent successful go at crispy pork belly but didn’t get what I was looking for so I made do with this. Most of the recipes out there for sticky pork belly start with uncooked pork that is par-boiled for a bit but I started with my latest not-so-crispy effort. This is an easy recipe, just mix together a few ingredients and add them to chunks of pork in a pan. Reduce the sauce until it coats the pieces well and serve. My sauce included mirin, light soy, dark soy, black vinegar, seasoned rice vinegar, oyster sauce, sesame oil, lots of minced garlic, ginger shavings, red pepper flakes, black pepper and a splash of water. Brown sugar works well in this but I had plenty of sweet with several of the other parts of the sauce so I didn’t add any. I did add some corn starch to hasten the thickening.