Revisiting a Classic (at least at my house)

I was visiting friends when a new cookie chain opened and they brought home a dozen to try. The chain specializes in huge, soft cookies. IMHO, much too sweet  –  overpowering the unique flavors they offer. But they were a great texture.

The secret? The size. So I grabbed my mixing bowl, baking sheet AND a 1/3 cup cookie scoop to make extra large cookies. Crisp on the outside, super soft and chewy on the inside. 

Recipe here: Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Depending on how you like your cookies, size can make a huge difference. So can changing up the type of sugar you use. Crisp and soft? 2 parts brown sugar to 1 part white sugar. Super crisp – white sugar only.  Extra soft with a deep caramel flavor, all brown sugar – the darker the better.

Size is important, too. 1/3 cup cookies (sometimes I even break out the 1/2 measuring cup for extra large) make a nice soft cookie. Teaspoon or tablespoon, pressed flat before baking, will yield a crisp, gooey cookie.  Like it both ways? Keep them to about 1/4 cup and press, but not completely flat.

Bake the smaller cookies at 375 degrees F and the larger ones at 350 degrees F.

It’s snowing today (oh, how I cannot wait until spring) so cookies were on my mind. Pulling the second batch from the oven in a minute or two.