Ducks and Danes: Spring Is In The Air

It must be spring. And I will do my best to get video. But today, of course I had my camera and Trixie wouldn’t play, disappointing Nick.

Yesterday, though, they had a ball.

I had thought Nick was totally in love with Trixie, but that she just saw him as a good game of chase. But this morning, I watched her do play bow at the duck entrance (to the duck yard/garden area), basically telling Nick to hurry up and come play. It’s not like she doesn’t have her choice of dog playmates in the yard.

He scurried over to her. Then they did a few rounds of zoomies together, with Nick gallantly trying to keep up with Trix., his wings flapping. When he’d fall behind, she’d run back to him and the zoomies would begin again.

Then I caught her grooming him and had to remind her that she’s much bigger so she had to be not quite so enthusiastic about it.

Nora is always a good sport about it all and doesn’t seem to mind sharing. LOL

Interspecies love, so adorable.

I’m still working on video, because it must been seen to be believed.

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