Blood Orange Coleslaw

Continuing with the today’s theme, Blood Oranges. If you miss the short season or can’t find any locally when they are in season, you can substitute half navel oranges and half ruby red grapefruit for a nice sweet-tang. Alternately you can use all navel oranges and it will work fine. Toss a few red raspberries in the … Continue reading Blood Orange Coleslaw

Rachel v Reuben

A Rachel is similar to a Reuben, having coleslaw as the main addition to the pastrami or corned beef. I decided to go with the coleslaw for my sammich today. I used mustard because I like mustard, not sure if it’s a usual condiment. Mrs J wanted the Reuben: I do know that thousand island … Continue reading Rachel v Reuben

Blood Orange Season

Blood orange for breakfast. Yum. Lots of fun recipes to take advantage of the short Blood Orange season here Below is one that can be adapted several ways, including substituting navel oranges as needed.

Cabbage Double Delight

I made up a batch of the Pantry’s Coleslaw to go with the shrimp and fries. I had some potstickers leftover so I put a fresh scald on them and then remembered to finish off that kimchi that was made a month ago. Made a nice spread.

Wait. What?

Variations on a spicy theme.  Hot dogs topped with hot giardiniera, a side of kimchi, and a wee bowl of tangy, sweet, chilled coleslaw.