The dark sauce is one I made this morning from dried ancho chilies, the lighter colored stuff is a bean dip. These were chicken and cheese enchiladas. I wish they were prettier but I destroyed any chance of pretty while getting them out of the pan they cooked in.

Enchilada Platter

These have chicken, refried beans, and cheddar in white corn tortillas with tomatillo sauce. The last of my cotija cheese sprinkled generously on top. I gave them 45 minutes in a 325℉ oven because I wanted them to heat through but not hurt the cheese topping. They came out looking and tasting very good.

Beef Enchiladas

Enchiladas with sides of Mexi-Corn, pico, guacamole and a dab of refried beans.I start by coating the bottom of a small casserole with sauce.  Fill the tortillas with a smear of refries, a dollop of seasoned ground beef that has been cooked with onions and peppers, and a bit of cheese.  Place them in the … Continue reading Beef Enchiladas